1 Bedford Street
Brighton, TAS, 7030
Ph: 6268 1077
Fax: 6251 3110
After Hours Care
03 6165 2360
Practice Hours

Monday – Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm  

Medical care is available to our patients at all times. When the surgery is closed, a voice message is left giving details of how to access medical assistance and advice.

Billing Policy

Patients will be charged a private fee payable at time of consultation. However, the following patients will be bulk billed:

- Children under 12yrs of age
- Patients 65 years and over with a current concession card

Online Medicare Claiming

Why go to Medicare? We can process your claim through our Typo Machine. Just bring your savings/cheque account card, current Medicare Card and your rebate will go back into your bank account in seconds.


Patients are encouraged to see their usual doctor for routine appointments. Appointments are normally 15 minutes, if you have one or more issues or a complicated problem you wishes to discuss with the doctors please advise the reception staff and a longer appointment will be arranged. By complying with these guidelines it will allow the doctors to streamline their appointments and avoid running behind

If you need to alter your appointment time, please contact the surgery at least 1 hour prior to your appointment to either reschedule or cancel. This allows us to allocate the appointment time to another patient.

If patients fail to attend a booked appointment without notifying reception, a fee may be charged and future appointments will need to be confirmed 2 hours prior to the booking time.


This practice uses a computerised system for routine recall and reminders. Our practice participates in preventative health programs. Patients can be recalled for routine tests such as pap smear, bowel cancer and childhood vaccinations. Patient can either opt in or opt out of such programs by notifying staff.



At times your doctor may request tests such as pathology, radiology or ultrasound to be performed. These tests are vital in managing the overall health and wellbeing for our patients. These tests are not routinely bulk billed and a fee maybe charged by the provider. Please discuss this with your doctor prior to having the tests performed.

To receive your results please contact the surgery after 2pm by calling 6268 1077 at least 24hrs after the test has been completed. Should the doctor wish to discuss your results with you, an appointment will be made then.

Home Visit Policy

Home visits are available to patients of Brighton Doctors Surgery under the following guideline:

- Patients are current patients of the surgery
- Patient have contacted the surgery to request a home visit and have been triaged by either the nurse or doctor who has determined a home visit is appropriate.
- Patient location is within 4 km radius of the surgery
- Patients have been informed and agree to pay an out of pocket callout fee of $100. This is above the appropriate Medical fee for the visit
- Home visit consultations will not be bulk billed
- For After Hours care, contact GP Assist by phoning 1300 78 00 11

Repeat Prescriptions

In the interest of good medical care and medico legal reasons you need to see a doctor for repeat prescriptions.

Telephone Calls

Telephone calls are not routinely diverted to the doctor while they are consulting. If the matter is urgent the reception staff will put through to the nurses who will assist you with your concerns.

Medical Certificates

Medical certificates are legal documents. It is a medico legal requirement that patients are seen by the doctor before a medical certificate can be issued. These cannot be backdated.


All patient consultations are kept strictly confidential and cannot be discussed or reproduced. It is policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff.

Referrals to Specialists

Referral to a specialist requires a medical examination so that a relevant and helpful letter can be written. No referral will be given without consultation nor will it be backdated. This is a medico legal requirement.